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2-in-1 Purifying Facial Mask & Exfoliator-50mL

2-in-1 Purifying Facial Mask & Exfoliator-50mL


Lavido 2-in-1 Purifyig Facial Mask & Exfoliator renews, exhilarates and refreshes the skin with organic pomegranate seed, macadamia and lemon oils. Pomegranate peel and seeds gently massage the skin and remove dead skin cells, while a combination of organic essential oils improve skin tone and suppleness.

Wonderful treatment for acne prone skin as the dried pomegranate peels are ground into a fine texture that isn’t abrasive on the skin.
The mask helps dry out blemishes without leaving the skin dehydrated.


Contains: Pomegranate Seed Oil, Lemon & Macadamia