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Harmonic Arts Teas

Harmonic Arts Teas


Adapting Gems

A well balanced blend of herbs that are known to support general well-being. Restorative and fortifying to all major energy centres in the body, this tea is beneficial at any time of year.


Women's Moon

A gentle, warming blend with a touch of rose. Supportive to PMS symptoms, and menstrual cycles.


Green Qi

Electrolyte and mineral-rich. A fresh spring blend using the unique bounty of seasonal west coast herbs and seaweed.


Relaxing Blend

Whether it's  nerves, restlessness, or sleep, this blend can help without leaving you feeling groggy or over tired.


Digestive Power

Settling to nausea, indigestion and gas, this tea blend is great before or after a meal. Helpful in breaking down food and increasing assimilation.