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Optimized Magnesium- Optimum Health Vitamins

Optimized Magnesium- Optimum Health Vitamins

  • A co-factor in over 300 enzymatic systems
  • Plays critical roles in muscle and nervous function, energy production (i.e. mitochondrial function), normal immunity, and cardiovascular health - particularly for heart processes and maintenance of normal blood pressure
  • Necessary within the gastrointestinal tract where it will relax the bowel muscles and is commonly used to relieve symptoms of constipation, as well as its utility for stress and anxiety
  • The more magnesium that is absorbed by the body from the G.I. tract, the lower the stool softening effects; likewise, the less absorbed, the greater this effect
  • Formulated to combine the benefits of highly absorbable forms such as Bisglycinate and Citrate with the bowel stimulating effects of the Oxide form, taking advantage of both these properties, thereby broadening its benefits
  • Overall, magnesium is associated with relaxation in both voluntary and involuntary muscles and within the nervous system