Peppermint (10ml)

Peppermint (10ml)


Peppermint [Mentha piperita] – Physically & Mentally Refreshing


This cooling, minty fragrance is an effective stimulant, alleviating mental fatigue. Helps to
relieve anger, hysteria, nervous trembling, travel sickness, nausea, stomachaches and
indigestion. A powerful antiseptic. Use for respiratory disorders such as colds, coughs,
asthma, and pneumonia.

Massage: A stimulating massage for aching feet. 

First Aid: Gently massage 1 drop (mixed with 10ml carrier oil) onto the temples or sniff directly from the bottle or scented tissue. 

Caution: Very strong aroma. Avoid if nursing. May antidote homeopathic remedies.


Contents: Peppermint essential oil

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