Purge Parasitis Program- New Roots

Purge Parasitis Program- New Roots


Purge Parasitis Contains:

Black Walnut is used in traditional herbal medicine for the expulsion of ringworms.

Wormwood is used in traditional herbal medicine as a stimulant tonic to improve appetite and to relieve symptoms of dyspepsia (carminative), and is used in traditional herbal medicine to expel worms (vermifuge).

Cloves contain powerful compounds with antiparasitic properties, along with exerting positive effects on digestion.

We recommend two complementary products for use in conjunction with the 33‑day Purge Parasitis Program: Fiber Ultra Rich - Plantago and Acidophilus Ultra (sold separately).

Fiber Ultra Rich - Plantago powder is available in 340 g format and should be taken once or twice daily for 33 days. This formula provides high-fibre bulk (from a special psyllium compound) for cleansing while accelerating the evacuation of dead and dying parasites and their toxins from the intestines. Fiber Ultra Rich - Plantago also contains hibiscus, licorice, and cloves which soothe the intestines.

Acidophilus Ultra, available in 120‑capsule format, completes our program. It replenishes the intestines with 11 scientifically researched strains beneficial for gastrointestinal wellbeing.

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